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Signature Treatments

Elumen Starting at $150

A color treatment formulated without peroxide that will penetrate the hair shaft deep into the cortex making the hair shine and the color last longer without fading. It last three months and it doesn’t interfere with any future touchup.

Deep Treatment   starting at  $60 + tax

•Prisma Hair Design Treatments are the foundation for restoring and maintaining your hair’s health and beauty. Due to a curl’s tendency to loose nutrients and moisture, frequent Mask Hydration Treatments are necessary to replenish the mane’s strength, allowing each strand to regain its internal weight and body and minimize the tendency to frizz. Used with heat, the mix of humectants effectively penetrates hair to quench the hair internal structure, leaving hair revived and restructured from inside out for enhanced performance.

Tips & Techniques for Treatments

When out at the beach or pool side – slick your hair with Mask Treatment. This way you’re using the sun to condition your hair instead of damaging it.

Curl Softening  starting at  $400 + tax

• Re-form curls and go from kinky to softer waves in no time with our softening system. This treatment works to soften out-of-control curls and adds shine, making them more maintenance free and healthy looking. Our Softening System is customized to every hair type and condition and sealed with a deep treatment that is tailored to each client. Results are looser curl patterns that allow for a completely customized curl or wave. The process includes a complete analysis of one’s individual curl pattern, gentle treatment application and Deep Treatment sealant/conditioning. Benefits last up to 3-4 months and the treatment can be used as a “spot softener” to even out your curl pattern all over.

Diffeezing Treatment starting at $600 + tax. ( No formaldehyde, No Paragon, Non toxic.

Working from inside out, delivering a shine result and continuing the freezing effect of the hair in humid weather. Price is deterred by the length and thickness of the hair. 

 Keratin ( Certified Formaldehyde & Formaldehyde FREE ) starting at  $400 + tax

Keratin Treatment that will work on the surface hair shaft, making the hair feel more healthy without coating the hair and having more flexibility. For softer curls or totally straight hair.
Prices are determined by length and thickness of the hair and they are discussed at time of consultation

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Price to be determined at time of hair auditing